Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Tyler Hampton - The Knight EP

Since his debut in 2007, Tyler Hampton's tracks have received global support from legendary names like Pete Tong, Mark Knight, Belocca and Prok & Fitch. 

His first single for 2013 is a slammin' blend of tech and progressive called "The Knight". Starting out with a deceptively smooth and jackin' house vibe, "The Knight" gallops intently into bigger territory with a punchy electro-tinged lead, slowly building into a melodic progressive breakdown that's both euphoric and original, then bringing the room to a funky peak that sets up your next track perfectly.

Academik's latest discovery - Arcader - delivers a bouncy, deeper reinterpretation of "The Knight" that swaps out the original's progressive elements for a more techno vibe that evolves into a crunchy, in-your-face breakdown before returning to its original house flow.

But don't take our word for it. Here's what some of the best blogs and DJs are saying about "The Knight" - and it's available on Beatport now.

Song of the Day - "If this track was spread out into an hour-long DJ set, it would no doubt win acclaim as one of the best journey mixed CDs ever. Compressed into under seven minutes, the kinetic randomness verges on manic madness, yet is so well-blended that it’s a must-listen for any lover of EDM looking to be schooled." Full Review

"By turning down the percussion a bit and turning up the bass, Arcader delivers a monster mix for the package. The filtered breakdown around halfway through allows the build to work its way back to its original intensity. Snatch The Knight up from Beatport and expect big things from Academik and these artists in 2013." Full Review

"Tech house is the new big trend in the EDM scene and this release will keep many faces happy in the next months. Love it!" Full Review
- Flux BPM

Noel Sanger - Rating: 4/5
Comments: "I'm all over both of these! Thanks!"

Blake Jarrell - Rating: 5/5
Comments: "Tyler Hampton FTW!"

MC Flipside - Rating: 4/5
Comments: "Arcader nails it. I love Tyler, and the remix is killer."

Randall Jones - Rating: 4/5
Comments: "Original sounds good for peak time. 100% support in my sets worldwide."

Topher Jones - Rating: 4/5
Comments: "Really groovy stuff from Tyler. Digging this for sure."

Kenneth Thomas - Rating: 4/5
Comments: "Nice techy vibe."

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