Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Francis Prève vs The Chaotic Good - Collider EP

Academik's new release veers into breaks territory with Francis Prève and The Chaotic Good's "Collider".

The original mix of "Collider" entangles hard-as-nails synth elements with atmospheric moments via an arrangement that whips from section to section like an out-of-control particle accelerator. Prève's analog-fueled sound design tactics fuse with The Chaotic Good's impeccably punchy production skills in a way that sounds utterly fresh in the context of the current EDM landscape.

The Shreddward remix of "Collider" recombines the original synth and drum parts into a peak-time minimal stomper that fits beautifully in tech sets of all kinds. Shreddward combines the original elements with a funkier vibe, placing the focus squarely on Shredd's rolling subsonic bombast before rising to a second payoff that sets up your next track perfectly, no matter what's in your crate.

Beatport Release Date: June 12, 2012

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