Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Exclusive Preview: William A - "Alpha"

Academik's debut release arrives in the form of William A's new single, "Alpha".

With a package that includes festival-tested, crowd-approved remixes from Josh Gabriel and Sentinels - this release covers everything from sweat-drenched small rooms to massive arenas.

Here's what some of the world's top DJs are saying about "Alpha":

"'Alpha'" has been rocking out sets for months!!" - Gabriel & Dresden

"Sentinels remix is slamming." - MC Flipside

"Very nice first release...JG remix for me." - Blake Jarrell

"Nice one, thnx good luck." - Guy J

"Just the right shade of prog. Nice." - Dan Tait

Following up on the success of his recent remix for Dave Seaman & Josh Gabriel's "Vorahnung", William A returns with another slice of progressive tech. His latest single, "Alpha", artfully blends stellar chord stabs, swinging beats and a bittersweet melody, crescendoing to a dark energetic peak before returning the listener safely to earth.

Josh Gabriel's reinterpretation of "Alpha" rockets the groove to Warp 10 while the original's signature chords whirl around in its orbit, culminating in a powerful breakdown that will send even the most jaded crowd into euphoric hyperspace. This remix has become a staple on Gabriel & Dresden's current tour and is poised to be an essential part of intelligent progressive and trance sets this summer.

Rounding out the package is the debut of Sentinels - a collaboration between tech guru Francis Prève, and Texas techno newcomer, Billy Jay. Their remix is a muscular romp that takes the musical essence of the original and fuses it with punchy beats and pulse-pounding bass, culminating in a massive peak that will launch tech house audiences to new heights.

As Academik's first release, William A's "Alpha" is a bold new step into prog-tech territory. 

Exclusive Preview: Alpha - Original Mix - William A
Exclusive Preview: Alpha - Josh Gabriel Remix - William A
Exclusive Preview: Alpha - Sentinels Remix - William A

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